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This post is not sponsored by BenQ. Views and opinions shared here are totally mine and not influenced or altered by BenQ.

I’m pretty sure whenever the term “Gaming Keyboard” pops up, the first image that’d pop in your head would be of a keyboard screaming “Gamer aesthetic” at your face with RGB lights and fancy lighting patterns.

Zowie attempts to subtly break free from that trend with Celeritas II.

The word “Celeritas” literally translates to “Swiftness” or “Speed” which bears true for BenQ Zowie Celeritas II.

How so? Allow me to explain.


Donning a black & red colourway, Zowie Celeritas II is a full sized keyboard with a plastic build. Don’t get me wrong, that plastic is pretty rigid with zero flex. …

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No, this is not a fan-made concept.

Way back in September 2015 when Nextbit launched their Kickstarter, people were taken by surprise. Cloud and Smartphone? How? What? Where?

Fast forward to January 2017, Nextbit got aqcuired by Razer.

What happened in between is pretty interesting.

In case you can’t recollect, here’s a quick recap of Robin’s specs:

  • CPU: Snapdragon 808

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Ultimate Ears’s Boom series speakers are well-known for being LOUD and virtually indestructible. Their latest offering, UE Wonderboom, is no slouch and continues the tradition.


At first glance, it looks like a smushed UE Boom 2 but don’t let it deceive you. On top and bottom, it has a soft rubber finish with fabric mesh running across the middle of its cylindrical shape. This provides ample of cushioning for its 1.5m Drop Proof rating.

Looking on top, it has a loop to hang it anywhere you like and 3 buttons: Pair, Play/Pause/Skip and On/Off.

All 3 buttons are crafted meticulously; Pair button is convex and has a circular motif, Play/Pause/Skip button is literally under the “Ultimate Ears” branding and On/Off button is concave and has a vertical bar. Hence, you can easily distinguish all buttons even when not looking at them. …


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