Comio C1 — Lukewarm Entry

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Admist plethora of smartphone competitors, Comio has attempted to enter the crowd. Does the Comio C1 stand out with it’s price tag of Rs. 5,999?

Let’s find out!


On the front, Comio C1 has a 5" HD (720p) display, 5MP selfie camera, earpiece, and three navigation buttons (Overview, Home, Back) which are not backlit.

The display won’t win any awards but it is decent at best. Given the price, you really can’t complain about the resolution, viewing angles and colour reproduction but hey, sky is the limit!

On the back, it has a 8MP camera coupled with flash, a plastic rear panel and a loudspeaker at the bottom-rear which is surprisingly powerful. Considering it’s price, I totally didn’t expect it to sound that good!

The power button and volume rocker are placed on the left and are tactile enough. I’m just glad that the buttons are not mushy.

Although it has a metal frame all around, the overall glossy plastic build gives it a pretty cheap feeling in hand.

Software & Performance

Comio C1 runs on Android 7.0 with Comio UI on top. Although it is not as heavy and estranged as LeEco’s EUI, but still not as fluid and responsive.

Coupled with 1GB of RAM, the quad core Mediatek chipset doesn’t do wonders.

It takes its sweet time to open apps, perform operations and barely hold applications in memory. Don’t expect this duo to crush flagships anytime soon.

Did I mention bloat? Comio C1 packs a good chunk of bloatware, so make sure to uninstall/disable/hide them if need be.


With a capacity of 2200mAh, Comio C1 won’t win any endurance marathons but it manages to make it through a day.


The 5MP selfie camera takes decent photos which don’t make you look like a potato so that’s good. At least you won’t stick out like a sore thumb in group selfies. It’s wide enough and you’d be able to fit multiple friends in a selfie. If you have any, of course.

The 8MP rear camera is where things get interesting. If the lighting is right, the photo comes out well enough, otherwise it’s not so good (don’t forget the price). Meanwhile, it maxes out at 720p in video resolution and has a dedicated “Bokeh Mode”.

Spoiler alert: Bokeh Mode is hot dumpster fire. It’s basically trying to apply faux bokeh effect using just a single camera.

Cherry on top? The Mediatek processor.

It just can’t deliver the horsepower that this mode requires. Thus, resulting in super laggy live view on screen and taking ages to click photos.

So, should I buy it?

Sure, if you’re willing to look past its shortcomings and want try out something new.

Otherwise, consider having a look at what the competition has to offer at the same price segment.

Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Gamer | Foodie | 🎙: Yet Another Tech Podcast #YATP 📩:

Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Gamer | Foodie | 🎙: Yet Another Tech Podcast #YATP 📩: