RE: Dear Razer, Xiaomi…what IS a ‘gaming’ phone?

The following is a response to an opinion piece published on TechPP.

Let’s get one thing out of the way; when I term myself as a “gamer” I’m not implying or painting a facade that I’m a pro gamer with ultra high-end equipment, screaming on the microphone while streaming on Twitch, snacking on Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew to chug it down.

No, consider me as a gaming enthusiast who loves to play games and appreciate the work which goes behind it.


In a nutshell, the aforementioned article set the premise that a “gaming” smartphone is no different than your average flagship smartphone.

I…uh…tend to disagree here.

So, what defines the dedicated “gaming” aspect of a device?

Let’s take an example!

Say, you want to purchase a monitor/display for gaming.

Exhibit-A: 1080p TV with 60hz refresh rate

Exhibit-B: 1080p monitor with 144hz refresh rate

Same resolution, but still the gamer in me would 10/10 choose the monitor.

But Shimon, that’s mere refresh rate!

There’s more than what meets the eye (HAH!). Once you experience high refresh rate in person, it’s jarring to go back to “mere” 60hz.

Mind you, refresh rate is not the only variable here. There’s input lag, response time, motion blur, TV’s post processing, etc.

Even if the monitor’s display panel is inferior to TV’s, gamers will opt for a higher refresh rate any day.

Same goes for mice; Logitech MX Master or Razer gaming mouse? Definitely latter because of its ergonomics, minimized input lag, more buttons, etc.

How does this tie in with “gaming” smartphone analogy?

I’ll admit, there aren’t many variables at play when it comes to the smartphone field at the moment.

But the following factors truly set the Razer Phone apart from its flagship competition:

  1. Higher Refresh Rate Display
  2. Front Facing Speakers (loudest of them all?!)
  3. Superior Thermal Management

Until these parameters are met or surpassed by our regular flagships, the “gaming” moniker is here to stay.

TL;DR — “Gaming smartphone” is a valid category.

Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Gamer | Foodie | 🎙: Yet Another Tech Podcast #YATP 📩:

Content Creator | Tech Enthusiast | Gamer | Foodie | 🎙: Yet Another Tech Podcast #YATP 📩: